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The transdermal tags were deployed with a custom-modified pneumatic line thrower (the Air Rocket Transmitter System – ARTS), while the LIMPET ones with a 150 lb crossbow., characterised by increased turning angles and decreased autocorrelation in direction and speed to maximise searching effort in the most profitable areas.

Therefore, Bayesian hierarchical switching state-space models (h SSSM) from ARS behaviours (details in Supplementary Information) and potentially infer preferred habitats.

This ENM was previously built to integrate knowledge on ecological traits of fin whales (e.g.

Research permits and experimental protocols were issued and approved by: Between 20, thirteen fin whales were tagged with transdermal (average duration = 45.6 days, SD = 51.0) or LIMPET tags (mean = 29.6 days, SD = 10.3).Areas where the animals predominantly engaged in ARS behaviour were identified in both study areas.The telemetry data were compared with results from ecosystem niche modelling, and showed that 80% of tagged whale positions was near ( show the presence of two distinct, seasonally overlapping, sub-populations in the Western Mediterranean.The identification of critical habitats (including migration routes) incorporating satellite telemetry data is therefore crucial to develop focussed conservation efforts.Between 20 thirteen fin whales were equipped with satellite transmitters, 8 in the Pelagos Sanctuary (although two ceased within two days) and 5 in the Strait of Sicily, to evaluate movements and habitat use.

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